"Make Your Next Move... Your Best Move!" -Eugene L. Weems -


Eugene Weems was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada where he attended the Clark County school district through his high school graduation. He went on to earn an Associate in Arts in General Business and a Bachelor of Art in Business Communication.  

Weems is a first-time (write-in) candidate for Congress District 31. He understands the suffering and hardships of families without a safety net. As a team player, Weems knows he can aide congress in addressing the real struggles that the working and middle-class Americans face. 

Weems built a reputation as a progressive leader, who focuses on making a difference that benefits society.  He is committed to tackling gang violence within the urban communities by fostering ways to reduce crime. He recognizes the importance of building strong relationships within the neighborhoods to increase the confidence of people. 

Weems has deep ties to the community with different organizations that feed the homeless, teach self-defense courses, administer after school tutoring and provide clothing for local youth and families in need. His passion for being in the community and working with families is to assure every child and adult, regardless of what nationality or ethnicity, have an opportunity to pursue his or her dreams.

Weems has a conviction to provide vital resources to the homeless population. He has hands-on experience preventing bullying and strongly supports Anti-Bullying Laws. Weems believes in education, women's’ rights, healthcare and strongly encourages greatness in all people. 

Weems comes from a family with a long history of service to their communities. Those very principles have driven his purpose.  

Eugene Weems is running for congress to help create new effective laws that benefit the poor, working and middle class.

                        He Is a MAN OF ACTION


“True leadership often happens with the smallest acts, in the most unexpected places, by the most unlikely individuals.”             MICHELLE OBAMA -