Eugene Weems believes homelessness in the State of California is a national emergency. He has an agenda to make sure that affordable and stable homes are within reach of all Americans. Upon achieving his candidacy in office, his first order of business would be to immediately address the homeless crisis. Weems understands life's financial difficulties that cause many Americans to endure hardship, poverty, and homelessness.  His purpose is to change laws, reallocate funds and add stability that will benefit the homeless, low income and working class, to ensure affordable housing.  Weems is a man of action with very few words,




Protecting our Neighborhoods


AB109 was designed to help Ex-felons become productive, contributive members, of society, Truthfully it failed the inmates because it does not provide the necessary resources for success. Recidivism and criminal activity skyrocketed at an enormous rate. 

Recidivism is high and it costing taxpayers approximately $75,000 per inmate per year due to the failer of the program.

Eugene Weems wants to implement a detailed multi-tiered program that reverses the mindset of ex-felons and provides them with the needed resources that improve their quality of life. 




It is still happening, and you can help stop it!

Bullying is real and it affects too many kids nationwide.   

We as people must enforce and discourage Bullying. 

Eugene Weems is a man of action he will work to enforce and fund the best viable programs to change the behaviors of the victims and the bully. 

Eugene Weems is a ( write-in) candidate determined to help you. today your vote matters. vote for Eugene Weems.

 Bullying must stop. It is a Hate Crime.